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Scott Larson

(State Director, USA National Team Coach, Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG)

scottScott was named to the USA team coaching staff for the 2013 World Age Group Competition to be held in Bulgaria.

Scott has been coaching gymnastics for over 25 years. He started gymnastics at the age of 5, competing all Junior Olympic levels through to level 10. He began coaching at the age of 15 and coached at the collegiate level while studying business and music at BYU.

Scott purchased Flames Gymnastics Academy in 1997 and was their head coach. He has served as the Arizona State Director for Women’s Gymnastics and coached many young, talented women onto the USAG National Teams.  Scott transferred his focus to Trampoline and Tumbling in 2009. His successes in the artistic world are mirrored by successes within the discipline of trampoline and tumbling.  

Scott is well known for his ability to train gymnasts at all levels.  The team had great success in the past four seasons. Notably, in 2011 seven athletes brought home national titles and another eight athletes brought home either silver or bronze.

Building on that success, in 2012, the team brought home 20 national medals, including 5 gold, 8 silvers, and 7 bronze. Fourteen athletes brought home at least one medal, all of the team's athletes landed in the top 12 nationally on at least one event, and eight athletes were in the top 10 on all of their events.  

In addition, Air Sports has placed athletes on all of the nationals teams--Jumpstart, ODP, and the national junior/senior team. Air Sports consistently places athletes on these teams, as well as on the regional All-Star team. Two Air Sports athletes were also named to the 2013 WAGS delegation to Bulgaria.

Scott is married with three children all of whom compete. Van is in his seventh season, Finn is in his fourth season, and India is in her third.


Visiting Coaches

arianaAriana Schein

(Safety Certified, Professional Member USAG, Certified Category 2 Judge in Double Mini and Category 3 Judge in Trampoline)

Ariana attends the University of Arizona and trains at Old Pueblo when she is in Tucson. She started gymnastics at the age of two and is in her ninth season of T&T. She currently trains elite trampoline and level 10 double mini. She is also a double mini and trampoline judge and is a two-time past national champion.


Rumen Gabrovski

Rumen Gabrovski is one of the founding fathers of Trampoline and Tumbling in Arizona. An artistic gymnast from Bulgaria, Rumen competed in the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico City and became a coach upon his retirement from competition.


Phil Cheetham

(Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG)

philCoach Phil is an Olympian who competed in the 1976 Montreal games and would have competed in Moscow in 1980 had the games not been boycotted. He is a former Australian National Gymnastics All-Around Champion. He currently works with the US Olympic training center in San Diego as a sport technologist/biomechanist but returns to Scottsdale to work with Air Sports.

Phil has published research articles in the biomechanics of sports, including gymnastics, golf, and other sports. He was a leader in the gymnastics research project at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.  Phil received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honors) degree from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 1977 and a Master of Science degree in Physical Education (Biomechanics) from Arizona State University in 1981 and earned his PhD in Biomechanics also at ASU.


Coach Emeritus: Gone but not forgotten

Sharon Laulainen-Libby

(Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG, Certified Category 3 Judge in Trampoline and Double Mini)

scottSharon grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and competed with the state champion Lincoln High School gymnastics team. She has a BA from SDSU and teaches pre-K in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

She has been coaching gymnastics for over 20 years in both in school and club programs. She began coaching T&T in 2009 and joined Air Sports in 2011. She has four children, including a daughter, Rebecca, who is in her eighth season as a T&T athlete.

redlineDave Wehr

(Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG)

Dave joined Air Sports in 2012. Previously an artistic gymnastics coach, Dave is excited about exploring the trampoline and tumbling discipline and is particularly interested in coaching tumbling. Dave and Scott have known each other longer than they wish to confess and are pleased to be together coaching Air Sports athletes.


mikeyMikey Malin

(Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG, Certified Judge in Trampoline, Double Mini, & Tumbling)



Hillary Allion

(Safety & CPR Certified, Professional Member USAG, Certified Category 3 Judge in Trampoline)

Hillary grew up in Bellevue, Washington and was a Level 9 artistic gymmast for Northwest Aerials and Bellevue High School. She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Washington and an MA in Teaching from the University of Puget Sound. Over the years she has held positions as assistant gymnastics coach for Woodinville High School and ahillaryssistant and then head coach for Bellevue High School. She had a ten-year teaching career in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. Hillary joined Coach Scott to teach T&T classes and assist the Training and Competitive Teams but is currently on hiatus as a coach. She has been honored to work with Coach Scott and the Air Sports athletes and families and looks forward to seeing them at competitions from behind the judges' table.


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